Seperation Divorce Solicitors Naas

Seperation Divorce Solicitors Naas

Seperation Divorce Solicitors Naas

Wilkinson & Price Solicitors of Naas have settled both divorce and seperation cases and can offer both experience patience in what is a difficult time. A decree of divorce can legally dissolve a marraige but there are certain requirements for the couple before they obtain a decree for divorce. These legal requirements for divorce include:

No reasonable potential reconciiation may exist

Maintenance for the welfare of spouse and/or dependent children must be reached.

The couple wishing to divorce must have been living apart for four out of the last five years.

These are requirements for divorce, however every case is treated different and there are numerous other requirements for divorce to be observed. We will do our best to uphold the highest of standards.

Areas of Family Law:

Seperation and Divorce

Pension Rights

Obtaining Orders

Pre-Nuptial Agreements