Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences


Wilkinson & Price Solictors have can provide expert legal advice and representation for Road Traffic Offences such as:

Driving under the influence of alcohol

No NCT Certificate

Driving without a licence

Driving without insurance

Speeding offences

Driving without reasonable consideration

Dangerous, careless and wreckless driving

Challenging penalty points

Any sections of the 2010 Road Safety Act

Irish Penalty Points System

Under the system a driver who accumulates 12 penalty points within a 3-year period will automatically lose their driving licence for 6 months. Here are some of the regulations of the Penalty Point System:

Drivers driver caught speeding will have two penalty points endorsed on their driving licence and a fine of €80. This fine increases to €120 if not paid within 28 days.

Driving without insurance receives a fine of up to €2,500, disqualification of one year or more for a first offence and two years or more for a second offence. A term of imprisonment not exceeding six months may be applied at the discretio of the courts.

Drivers will receive 4 penalty points if found guilty in a court of a seatbelt offence and can receive a fine of up to €800. If you opt to pay the fixed charge of €60 within 28 days of the issue of the fixed charge notice from the Gardai 2 points will be endorsed on your license record.

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