Probate Solicitors Naas

Probate Solicitors Naas

Probate Solicitors Naas

The loss of a family member is a very difficult time and therefore it is imperative that proper steps are taken to ensure the correct legal assistance is followed. The Revenue Commissioners and Probate Office process submissions to the Probate Office. However to key to a quick submission relies on quick action from your solicitor. Your solicitor must deal with Department of Social Welfare, Banks and Estate Agents. Wilkinson & Price Solicitors place a high value on hastily completing these urgent tasks.

The immediate legal tasks of a Executor include:

Funeral expenses

Calculating revenue returns

Applying for a grant of probate or a grant of administration where someone has not created a will (intestacy)

Examining the property rights of the relatives of the deceased in line with will or intestate

Probate tax and inheritance returns

Sale of assets and proceeds where necessary

Executor named by the deceased is responsible for the carrying out of their will

Making a Will

Probate Solicitors Naas