Obtaining Orders

Obtaining Orders Solicitors Naas

Obtaining orders can prove difficult without the correct apprioach and more often then not leaves situations worse then before. With a dedicated legal panel, Wilkinson & Price Solicitors of Naas will help you find the correct order for your situation. The are varying degrees of protection and we can help you understand how the legal system would grade your situation.

These are some of the orders which we can help you obtain form the courts:

Interim Barring Order This will last until the full court hearing of the safety/protection order. This is only a temporary barring order.

Barring Order This obliges a person (whom the order is made against) stay away from the person applying for the order, any dependent children and place of residence.

Protection Order A court may grant this order when a person applies for a safety order and/or barring order. protection Orders are a temporary safety order which only last until the full court hearing of the safety/projection order.

Safety Order This prohibits the person against whom the order is made from using or threatening to use violence towards the person applying for the order and/or the dependent children.

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