Making Wills

Making Wills Naas

Making Wills Naas

Making a Will is a necessary step to avoid conflict that can arise between relatives and loved ones. Although it can appear a simple task there are many complications which require the attention of experienced solicitors.

It is possible to make your own will, however it may not be executed correctly because certain legal terms can be ambiguous. It is also possible to change your will simply by adding a new codicil which must be signed by you and witnessed by two people. By using Wilkinson & Price to create your will you are ensuring that your beneficiaries will avoid disagreeing and therefore greatly reduce their legal costs.

The Executor is chosen by the person creating the will and is responsible for ensuring the will is carried out in the correct manner according the person who created the will's instructions.

Spouses by law have legal right to half of the estate if there are no children. If there are children the spouse receives one third of the estate.

Children who are beneficiaries and under 18 years of age are appointed Trustees.

If you would like to know more about creating a will and probate or how Wilkinson & Price can help you, please contact a member of our legal team here.

Making Wills Naas

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