Debt Collection Naas

Debt Collection Naas

Debt Collection Naas

In any business every cent counts, even more so at present given the current economic climate. Wilkinson & Price will assist clients in collecting debt with urgency. We operate as quickly as possible so that business can continue as usual.

Here are some of the steps of our debt collecting

Demand Letter This is the final opportunity you will grant your debtors to make a payment or proposal.


Issue Legal Proceedings If the demand letter has been ignored, proceedings can be issued in the

1. District Court - amounts up to €6,348.50

2. Circuit Court - from €6,348.50 to €38,091.

3. High Court -Above €38,091.

Proceedings will be defended and the judge can rule if there is a valid claim or not or ignored in which the creditor can seek judgment in default of defence or appearance.


For advice regarding debt collection please contact a member of our legal team here.

Debt Collection Naas